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Acquire Quality Talent Affordably.

Our seasoned recruiters leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver top-tier talent through our nearshoring and fractional recruiting services quickly and affordably.

Why Hire Code ?

Choosing HireCode is not just a business decision; it's a strategic advantage. Our specialized nearshore and fractional recruiting processes are designed to align with your values, needs, and ambitions, ensuring that you always have access to top-notch talent without compromising on time, cost, or quality.

Strategic HR & Recruitment Expertise
Navigate the intricacies of international staffing, mitigating risks, and optimizing workforce management.
Cost-Effective Solutions
Nearshoring benefits without compromising on quality. Save on recruitment while getting the best.
Speed to Hire
Our vast network ensures you find the right talent, right when you need them.

Our Expertise = Your Growth

Founded by Drew Angers and Jason Peterson, with a combined 25+ years in Silicon Valley recruitment, HireCode is no ordinary recruitment firm. Our legacy is shaped by our commitment to not just find talent but to align them perfectly with your unique tech needs, cultural values, and growth vision.

The LATAM Advantage

The Latin American tech landscape is booming with innovation and talent. By tapping into this vast and underutilized resource, we present:

Cultural Affinity
Enjoy smoother collaboration with engineers who share similar work ethics and values as their North American counterparts.
Time Zone Proximity
Overcome the challenges of real-time communication. Work in sync, review in real-time, and drive projects forward seamlessly.
Bilingual Talent
All of our candidates are fluent in English, ensuring clear communication throughout your projects.

Your Hiring, Personalized

We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. Each company is unique, and so are your requirements.

  • Customized Screening: Beyond technical expertise, we ensure that candidates align with your company's culture and vision.

  • Boutique Experience: With HireCode, you’re not just another client. You’ll feel the boutique experience where your specific needs are our top priority.

  • Transparent Pricing: Our commitment to transparency extends to our pricing. Understand the breakdown and value at every step.

Ready to start your growth journey ?

By aligning with us, you're not only prioritizing quality talent but also embracing a future of limitless potential. Our unique nearshoring approach not only bridges the talent gap but also amplifies your capacity to lead, innovate, and excel in a competitive tech landscape.